Thursday, September 8, 2011

Spanish Wedding!

Talking about Hello Magazine or What!..I could totally  live in Spain everyday of the week…Guests in this Spanish  wedding really blew me away..lovely,  stylish and sophisticated! And what about the vintage bride gown , the feather headpiece, that BRAID! and the colorful fans they offered their guests..
                                                 I can resume this feist with 1 word: PRETTY! 
Champagne Thursday! 

I've decided today is "Champagne Thursday". Join me?

*Update: For those of you who don’t remember the phrase "Champagne Thursday" from Sarah Jessica Parker’s movie, I refer you to the quote below, lol...

Paula: Hey, hey.
Kit: Hey, Paula. Good news. It's Champagne Thursday.
Paula: It's Friday.
Kit: Uh, yeah, Thursday came twice this week.
Paula: For the third straight week?
Kit: There's talk of making it permanent.
Paula: Oh, kind of like Daylight Saving's Time?
Kit: Right, but for booze.

-       Failure to Launch.
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