Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Petit Manhattan Apartment
In love with this tiny Manhattan apartment…painted blue, a color that a typical person don’t often see on a mature 57 year old woman {the owner}. The walls of the penthouse are even more unusual…a strong blue with blocks of red..We definetley are not talking about pale colors here. Pure color and energy surrounds this magical place.
“Enid Woodward, a physical therapist, lives in a 600-square-foot studio on the Upper West Side. The apartment may be small, but it has one very large asset: it opens onto a wraparound terrace that is nearly the size of the living space". This proofs that good things come in small packages I personally think its very unique, colorful and powerful.  Interesting to note that Enid's furniture is completely neutral, which makes the red and blue interior a huge success, if you ask me! …Now the question is, would you paint your apartment blue?

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