Thursday, October 21, 2010

Furry Friends!
{in LOVEEE with this dog!!!! UGH!}
This may sound a “little” cliché but I’m a dog lover. I would love to adopt a friendly dog any time, but that requires a lot of responsibility and commitment. My last dog was named Tiffany and she was a Maltese. We used to call her “Tifi” and today is her birthday…I thought of giving a dog tribute…

Dogs make you smile and gives you company. They cover you with love & affection. They are there with you when you are down. They can’t wait for you to get home. They love you unconditionally and are never angry. They are soo cute! They make good friends for the elderly. So why some people abuse them is beyond inexplicable. To all those lovable dog lovers this post is for YOU!

"Happiness is a warm puppy."  ~Charles M. Schulz


  1. The second dog is my puppy, Tate! He is a 17 month old Cockapoo (Cocker Spaniel / Poodle Mix). Thanks for featuring my baby boy! :)

  2. Well, Im' a dog lover!!! I miss my doggy terribly!!! And I'm in love with Tate!!! =D
    I love you blog!!! It's soo me!!!

  3. Im in love with Tate too!!! =)
    so adorably cute!
    thanks for sharing your comment alexandra!


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