Sunday, September 5, 2010

Breezy Spanish Wedding Sunday!   
Weddings! So many words come up to my mind right now:  happiness, commitment, adrenaline, excitement and love. A few weeks ago I had the pleasure to attend a beautiful traditional nuptial, and boy it was breathtaking! Beautiful bride, handsome groom, lovely ornaments, great music, tasty food and awesome company…a wedding to die for! Keeping my story short, I was browsing some nuptial photos to make a Sunday special for weddings and boy when I saw this photos I was in a state of bliss! A traditional Spanish wedding in the surroundings of Madrid. Isn’t this wedding amazing? As I got closer to the photos I got lost somewhere between the twinkle lights, the oh so chic long braid, simplicity and traditional feist. Oh! And the details, butterfly place cards, lavender and the effortless bottle center decorations. No doubt about the fact that there is something magical about this celebration. 

What’s your dream wedding like?

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