Thursday, September 9, 2010

Fashion icon of the Week: Diane von Fustenberg
Everyone knows this Legendary Fashion designer, Diane von Fustenberg, aka VDF (as everyone around her calls her) who arrived in the fashion world in the early 70’s with her iconic wrap dress, you know what I’m talking about, the dress that every woman was wearing back in the days cause it made them look simply elegant. Easy dress that can be wearable during the day or at night. She sold millions of her dresses coming to symbolize female power and freedom to an entire generation. She still creates great pieces of wardrobe that never gets out of style. Reading the InStyle September issue, I came across the home section and this time they dedicated it to Mrs. Von Fusternberg in her NYC idyllic home in the country called Cloudwalk…watch this !

“Welcome to my salon, my sanctuary, my archive, and my studio. This is my place to dream” – DVF (no doubt about it!...i can  live here forever). This portrait is from a Paris flea market, she collects art noveau vases “from anywhere I can find them” --DVF.
The hallway portrait: love it! Where she collects her treasures from around the world like the bronze Viennese art nouveau mirror and armored trunk from Morocco..this proofs that she shops everywhere!

Love the rustic wood in the office and the library is full of light and comfortable furniture. Great combination of plush sofas and art deco chairs. 
Her bedroom is adorned by a 19th century table where she decorated with a nice three-footed brass chair by Salvador Dali.

The master bathroom is lovely and her bedroom so girly! 

What do you think of this home?

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